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Meet the Moranton Media Team

Our mission is to help small businesses grow. Our prices are designed to be affordable for all. We are passionate about this industry and the community around it.
Joel Moranton
Joel MorantonOwner

Joel Moranton is the owner and operator of Moranton Media. In 2007 Joel graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in still photography, with a focus on product photography and visual media, and a goal of producing high-quality product photography for manufacturers. However, in 2008 Joel became aware that many business owners were reducing their budgets for new product imagery to decrease costs.

It was at that time that Joel was introduced to 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine by his mentor who happened to share his enthusiasm for Toyotas. After flipping through the magazine Joel decided to give the editorial world a try while the market recovered from the recession. He met with the owner and began freelancing for the magazine shortly thereafter. His first work was published in the January 2009 issue, and his first cover image was published in September of the same year, and he quickly became an off-road community enthusiast. In July 2012 Joel was made an official staff member of 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine and was thereafter promoted to Senior Editor in January of 2013.

Since then Joel has focused on learning the ins and outs of the off-road industry from how to market to this community, what buyers are looking for, attending the best events, and even building his own trucks. By working closely with many different manufacturers he has learned their needs and understands how to fill those needs.

It is undeniable that 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine is stronger than it has ever been due to Joel’s marketing and branding. As small businesses are now recovering from the recession, Joel feels his expertise can now be utilized to assist small business owners by using what he has learned over the years with 4WD Toyota Owner and returning to his first love, product photography, with a new passion and knowledge of the off-road community. Joel will help small businesses grow by bringing his knowledge and expertise of marketing, SEO, website design, ad building, content creation, and social media management. During Joel’s travels and working with other agencies Joel has met many other media producers in this community and he has brought them together with Moranton Media, a team of marketing and media experts who can fill the marketing and visual needs of any small business, in particular those in the off-road industry.

Joel’s first and current truck is a 1996 Toyota Tacoma. It is an all-around adventure, camping, light wheeling truck – 3″ lift, 33″ tires, camper shell, and armored up. Joel is also building a 1973 Toyota FJ55 as a hardcore wheeling truck. He admits it is an odd platform to build into a hardcore wheeler, but the 1973 steel metal is so strong the doors will not get destroyed after being smashed into a rock. It is on 38″ tires, with boat sided rocker panels and full roll cage. Joel’s third truck is a 1983 Toyota Trekker – a restoration project. Joel is planning his next purchase to be a UTV.

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  • Full Graphic Design services
  • Branding and development
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  • Product Photography and Videography
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  • Photography Studio consultant

Chris Marquart
Chris MarquartLead Videographer

“It seems I’ve always had an interested in making movies. I used to take two of my parents VCR’s, A Karaoke machine and edit my little sisters cheerleading videos on VHS. As the technology of cameras and video editing progressed I tried to keep up. I bought my first real non-linear editing program, Ulead Media Studio Pro. Although archaic by todays standards, that was that was it for me…the possibilities were amazing right from my armchair.

That was back in New York City, when we moved back home to California, I started pairing the filming with the hobby I loved. Off Road Racing and Competition. On my days off I would travel to Rock Crawls, Rock Races, and Ultra4 Events. I Produced two full-length DVD’s, made lots of friends, and learned a lot about racing and marketing videos.

Our latest toys include an S1000+ Heavy-Lift Drone with a GH4 camera hanging and a DJI Inspire 1 with a 4K camera and FLIR. I am excited to show you what they can do for Moranton Media!

I’m a pretty die hard Jeep fan and my first one was an 1983 CJ-7, I’d love to race the Baja in a real race truck before it’s too late and when I’m not working as a Firefighter/Paramedic or at the editing station…I’ll be out on the trail with my wife and two kids in our truck camper and little family Jeep TJ (that completed KOH stock class race twice :)”

J.P. Garcia
J.P. GarciaLead Marketing Specialist

J.P. Found a passion for the graphic arts at a very early age, with coloring, then it escalated to drawing which quickly escalated to drawing on Paint using his Dad’s computer, after hitting puberty, graffiti painting, oil painting and sketching became a huge part of his life and later flash animation became a hobby. Before even turning 16 years old, J.P. Already knew how to use photoshop, flash mx, basic robotic programming and build html websites.

Photography, photo editing and Videography came in the picture a few years later. J.P. enjoys the outdoors, off-roading and riding motorcycles whenever he is not working on a graphic project or wrenching on something. He as the head of the Marketing Deptartment for LC Engineering he has had the oportunity to create new stuff everyday, from social media graphics to full DVD production projects, box design, part catalogs, swag, product photography, logo design, etc.

He has worked extensively with Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore, Dreamweaver, and some other specialty software. Some other skills include hand sketching, type design, mechanical skills, great computer skills, html and css code knowledge, bi-lingual, flying drones and making the best margaritas.

Angela McCorison
Angela McCorisonLead Graphic Artist

What can I say, fun things happen in the dirt! I started my love for dirt at 5 years old when my dad decided to give me an ATC 70 for my birthday. I have been riding ATVs, quads and dirtbikes since then and I’m still loving it! These days I juggle my dirt toys as I’m also into 4-wheeling. Actually, the main reason I got into 4-wheeling was because an ex-coworker called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to design a new magazine he was starting. Long story short, I am still the Lead Designer for the magazine and it’s still going strong after 12 years – 4WD Toyota Owner. My 4-wheeling rig is a 2000 4Runner SR5 4×4, manual trans, which is a blast taking out on the trail. My 4Runner is a project truck of which I am taking time to build it the way I want and I hope to own it for many more years.

When I’m not out playing in the dirt, you’ll likely find me at my computer working on a Graphic Design project. I have been in Graphic Design since 2001 when I achieved my Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design from CalArts. About a year after graduating I started working for an off-road publisher. The publisher made titles such as DirtBike, ATV Action, DirtWheels, Mountain Bike Action, Motocross Action & UTV Action of which I had the opportunity to create layouts for. After 5 years, I moved-on to another publisher whom created titles such as R/C Heli, Xtreme R/C Cars and Beer Magazine, (yes Beer, the thing you drink when you’re out playing in the dirt.) A couple of years later I found myself working for O’Neal MX, who also owns Azonic (mtb) and BLUR Goggles. After 5 years at O’Neal I decided I would go out on my own and work as a Freelance/Contract Graphic Designer. I currently contract with a couple of agencies, one of which you’ve landed on – Moranton Media!

Welcome, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you! Feel free to shoot me an email at

Josh England
Josh EnglandDirector of Off-Line Social Media