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What can Moranton Media do for you?

Professional Photography Services

Clear, beautiful images can make or break your website and marketing materials. Let the Moranton Media team work with you to create high quality, dynamic imagery that fully represents your company’s vision. Click to learn more.

Professional Videography and Video Editing

Moranton Media has the equipment and the know how to shoot high quality and compelling video for everything from events to product demonstrations, our team knows how to capture those moments that keep people watching your content. Click to learn more.

Full Graphic Design Services

Moranton Media can help you design or redesign the look and feel of your brand to accurately reflect your brand. From logos and business cards to full catalogs and print ads campaigns, we can make sure your small business looks big budget, professional and up to date. Click to learn more

Website Design, Building, Optimization and More

A company website can make or break your small business. Let Moranton Media create an easy to navigate, modern, and clean website that gets seen and converts web traffic into sales. Click to learn more.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Promotional Items

Clear, beautiful images can make or break your website and marketing materials. Let the Moranton Media team work with you to create high quality, dynamic imagery that fully represents your company’s vision. Click to learn more.
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It is important to have a visual identity that markets your brand and products in a distinctly professional and high-quality approach. The images used in marketing materials and on websites can make or break the first impressions made on a new customer. It is possible to have the coolest product in the world, but if your visual identity is not clean and professional then you will be swimming up a river. Here at Moranton Media, we focus on helping you make a long-lasting impression on your customers, and building a visual identity that will follow seamlessly through every marketing platform. We specialize in producing the highest quality photography, videography, graphic designs, and websites to allow your customers to see every detail of the product they are researching.
Moranton Media specializes in marketing and building visual identities, for the off-road, power sports, and outdoor markets. All of our team members are enthusiasts in these markets allowing us to understand their unique terminology and challenges. We will target your marketing material to resonate with the men and women who love to explore the outdoors with the combustion engine. We know all the ins and outs of this industry from being on all sides of it for many years. Starting, like all of us, as consumers, we know where and how customers are researching their next purchase. Then we moved into media content, publishing for these enthusiasts. This gave us the ability to know exactly how to produce and distribute press releases to maximize exposure. All of our team members are still active content generators for many of the most popular media outlets. Staying current in all aspects of the industry’s new products, events, and the hottest social media outlets is important to all of our team members. This helps us best serve our clients, and is our true passion. With our knowledge of products on the market and needs of the consumer, we can also assist manufacturers in product development and market research.
Our photography studio is based in Coloma, CA, just outside of Sacramento, CA. Products can be shipped to our location, and if a return shipping label is provided, the products will be returned after they have been photographed. We also welcome art directors to come to our location and be onsite while we photograph your products.
This will not only help us with your vision of what you want to see in the photographs, but is a great opportunity to turn your business trip into a mini-vacation. Lotus is one of the best rafting towns in California and is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lake Tahoe is also not far away. If you are an off-roader we are very close to the entrance of the Rubicon Trail and we would be happy to take you on a tour. Our studio is also fully mobile, and on request, we can come to your warehouse anywhere in North America. We often travel covering off-road events and if we schedule your photo shoot while one of our photographers is traveling through your area, the cost of our mobile studio is greatly decreased. Our mobile studio does, however, need a minimum of a 15×15 feet area, which is inside and close to a power outlet. We charge 25¢ per mile to bring our mobile studio to your warehouse, from Sacramento, CA, or our current location.

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