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Professional Videography Services

The digital age we are in is consuming videos faster than any of us can create them. YouTubers are making six figure incomes on producing videos alone. If your business is not producing videos yet, let Moranton Media help you get a few under your belt. Race action videos, product testing videos, installation videos, tips and trick videos — you name it we can help.
Moranton Media has four videographers on staff, with three drones between them. Our Lead videographer is Chris Marquart, JP Garcia is our second-in-command, Josh England is our Go Pro expert, and Joel Moranton is our product and installation videographer. Each one has their own skills and talents. They all work together to cut together and produce the best attention-holding videos featuring your business or products.
Video production is a major undertaking. It can easily take hours to produce a simple 30-second video. Cutting together the hours of footage produced onsite takes a talented eye and mind. We have all seen that epic video and we have seen those just ok videos. The difference between the two comes down to a professional eye and mind.
If you have hours of footage but no time to cut it all together to produce the videos for your business, Moranton Media can help by turning that footage into a professional video you will be proud to post. We will cut your footage together and produce a high-quality video for your YouTube channel, website, or social media.
Moranton Media will also add eye-catching graphic intros and endings to bring your visual identity and branding into your videos.

More videos coming soon!