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Moranton Media Website Design and Building Services

In today’s e-commerce and digital realm, a professional website is without exception the most important aspect of your business presence. Your website may be your customers’ first contact with you or your business. It is where customers can learn about your products, and also how they can order them. A poorly designed website can deter customers to shop elsewhere, resulting in you losing business.
Especially on the Web, people want to know that the people and company they are working with are professional, responsible, and reliable. Moranton Media will not only design a website that will impress your customers, but it will also allow them to easily find what they are looking for, and make the ordering process simple.


The main landing page is obviously the most important, followed closely by the shopping cart. When a customer lands on your page, they need to immediately see what your business is about. It needs to look professional, with your personal branding. Presenting special deals, relevant news, and easy search and ordering tools will provide sales conversions.
We will also set up custom landing pages for each Facebook or Google AdWords campaign, allowing you to have the best conversion rates possible.
As we build your website, search engine optimization and being mobile friendly is always at the top of our priory list. If your business does e-commerce the products must be clearly categorized for customers to sort and find what they need quickly. The shopping cart must be simple to use, so ordering is quick and easy. We will make sure search engines can easily understand what your website is about and rate it high so your website is on the first page of search results. As you may already know, mobile friendly sites are a must these days. Depending on your business, well over half of your website visits could be done from mobile devices.
Moranton Media primarily uses WordPress to design and build our client websites. 99% of the time, the power of WordPress can build a perfect website for our clients, however, if you are in that 1% the staff at Moranton Media can build your website in PHP, HTML5 with custom CSS, and fancy JavaScript, but these days WordPress does save time and money. One of the main reasons we use WordPress is because once the site is built, it is very easy to add to and edit. So with a little instruction from us, if you choose to do so, you can edit and update your own website, saving you money.

Sample Sites

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